“I am referring a cancer patient to you. I told her friend how wonderful you were when I was going through my treatment, I will never forget your kindness and gentle touch and precious words of encouragement.

I will give her one of the little referral cards you put in my envelopes. I don’t know her name, she is a friend of someone at work. I’ll tell her just to use my name…”

Julie Sobolik

“I have a weekly massage with Andrea. It provides me with guaranteed relaxing down time each week from the pressures of the job. Some of the best money I spend all year.”

Ed Drummond, Hanson and Co.

“I highly recommend their couples massage! One of the most relaxing and romantic dates Chris and I ever had!! We wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Heather and Chris

“Andrea is awesome and so personable. She’s very attentive to her client’s needs and creates a warm atmosphere – perfect for a massage!!”

Jill Conniff, AmFirst Bank

“When I needed to get a gift certificate for my sister who lives there, they made things so easy and elegant. I come to visit often and love to get a massage at Serenity. Andra also sends me emails on specials even though I am from out of town.”


 “We love Andrea!!! She is the best!!”


“My massage was fabulous!”

Connie Walter

“Fantastic decor and management.”


“Friendly and professional and very accommodating! Also it’s a peaceful and clean environment.”

Sheri Powner

“What a wonderful experience I encounter every time I see Andrea. Namaste.”


“Andrea is the best!!! Get her hot stone massage. You won’t be sorry.”


“Serenity on St. Paul is the best spa I’ve ever been to!”


“Absolutely gorgeous setting and wonderful therapists! Blissful!”

Susan Falzone

“Beautiful Place! This is the nicest day spa I have been to in Colorado!”


“I get massages 4-6 times a year and have been doing that for approx 8 years. I can truly say that the massage I received at Serenity was in the top three that I have received. ”


“Excellent! Cozy atmosphere and great customer service.”

Janice Schipper

“Service was pleasant and very professional. I was traveling from out of town and got lucky when I made my appointment with Serenity. I was very relaxed and my body felt wonderful. ”

Gus Kousteris

“Great spa.”

Rich Harper

“Simply elegant…..great service.”


” It was a great experience!”

Cathy Dziewit

“A beautiful place to relax and reconnect with yourself!”

Jimi Winalis

“Their massage therapy is very therapeutic, good luck and congrats!”

Lisa Marie

“The Spa is a relaxing place to go.”

Geraldine Ashman

“Andrea is fantastic, the atmosphere is beautiful as are the people!”


“It is like eating chocolate cake, but not worrying if it is good for you. About the healthiest experience you’ll ever have.”

Jeremy Morris

“I wish you continued SUCCESS!!!”

Iris L. Martin

“Massages for your health.”


“It is the cleanest spa I have ever been to.”


“Great location, elegant and relaxing atmosphere, one stop shopping for pampering yourself.”

Margie Wright

“This place is heaven!! ”

Cindy Olsen

“The Staff at Serenity on St. Paul is always friendly and helpful. I love this place.”

Carol Rowe

“She is the finest massage therapist anywhere!!!”


“Andrea is great to work with and always attends to detail!”


“You have a very beautiful spa!”

Andrea H.

“Great Spa-great service-great owner.”


“They do custom work.”


“Thank you. That was the best massage I have ever had and I have traveled all around the world and had many massages.”
Marilyn Hickey
“The pampering and especially the hot rocks make this the best experience any where.”
Bev. Fendt
“I sent my finance and her friend there for their birthday(s) and they loved it. Everyone was very friendly and caring. They had a great experience and want to go back.”
Greg Curnow
“The atmosphere here is truly serene, and the treatments magical. Andrea and her team truly care about the people they serve, and are committed to making a difference every day.”
Lori Richardson, Cherry Creek Mortgage
“I had a wonderful massage by Andrea and it was very relaxing and calming. I recommend it highly.”
Tina Ingerson
“Andrea has a gentle spirit and makes my massage wonderful. The spa is beautiful and I just love going there to be pampered.”
Joyce Goldman
 “I am completely relaxed when they are done with me.”
“Great service! Great deals! Great location!”
“Massage therapist, Ann Howe Bogen is the BEST!!!”
Julie Gunlikson
“Your spa is paradise!”
“Friendly, great service!”
“This spa is comforting and relaxing! The massages are awesome!”
Mary Slivoski
“Serenity…the name says it all. Anne is the best massage therapist there is! All the staff are professional, friendly and helpful.”
Shirlee Labuda
“I love the girls there!!!”
“I have lower back problems and after I go get my weekly massage I feel like a new person, they do wonders.”
Christine Anderssen
“Very nice, very relaxing.”
“Excellent Service.”
Beth Mcknightz
“This is the best in the West!”
“Great place.”
Sue Hintze
“I need to get back there soon!”
“A tremendously relaxing atmosphere… Andrea is fantastic!”
“Wow! I actually opened my eyes when I was done and had to pinch myself to see if it was a dream!”
Kiera Tally
“What a great spa, and the staff & owner are the best!”
Curtis Sobolik
“Best spa in town!!”
Yvonne Couts
“They are the greatest people.”
Anatoly Kaminsky
“They are always looking out for their clients and I found that they will “rub you the right way!!!”
Lynn Stubbart
“It is great.”
Ron Jimenez
“Just the best!”
Barb Gamble
“Serenity on St. Paul is a must!! ”
“Serenity on St. Paul Is The Best!!”
“Best place to be is Serenity. And Andrea is awesome!”
“The relaxed atmosphere can’t be beat. Top notch all the way …”
Steve M
“Massages by Andrea are great and very relaxing. Very friendly environment.”
“I thought the owner was very helpful! I had a great experience!”
“Caring people sharing TLC for the mind, body, & soul!”
Donna DeNomme

“Great Atmosphere. Excellent Service.”

Lisa G

“The best service. They also throw great parties. ”


“Andrea and Serenity on St. Paul are amazing!”